• Overhead rig

    500,000 lbs. of unobstructed rigging capacity

    Not that you need it, but it’s great to know that you have it.

  • Power cables

    3,000 amps/3-Phase show power

    Tap into an abundance of power conveniently accessible throughout the space.

  • Climate control, LED lighting, Wi-Fi


    State-of-the-art climate control, next generation LED lighting and wireless connectivity

  • Iron Man and Wolverine trucks

    150,000 sq. ft. of staging area

    Beyond the rehearsal space, there's plenty of room under roof to set up, set out or load in and out.

Located within the Feld Entertainment® global headquarters, Feld Entertainment Studios is a secure, self-contained and state-of-the-art 50,000 square foot rehearsal space.

The abundance of floor space and uninterrupted volume offers flexibility in rental footprint options. Space is easily adaptable to multiple configurations to accommodate any type of production — from global tour staging and rehearsals to an ideal venue for local productions and private events.

Unavailable anywhere else in the world, the space is connected with Feld Entertainment’s on-site expertise and production services that are second to none — making it a truly integrated offering that is a one-of-a-kind, world-leading facility for preparing live shows for the world stage.

Studio Specifications


South Studio (Bay A)

  • 290’ x 90’
  • 26,100 sq. ft.

South Studio (Bay B)

  • 315’ x 75’
  • 23,625 sq. ft.

Rigging grid

  • 240’ x 90’ rigging grid with un-obstructed access
  • 55’ trim height
  • 500,000 lb. UDL weight capacity
  • Designed and engineered to accommodate multiple production configurations including end stage, center stage or full floor productions

Show power

  • Multiple power sources located conveniently throughout the Studio space
  • All 3-phase services on isolated transformers
  • (2) 800 amp / 3-phase services
  • (4) 400 amp / 3-phase services
  • (1) 200 amp / 3-phase service
  • (3) 100 amp /3-phase services
  • Multiple 20 amp utility outlets located throughout the space

Studio lighting

  • South Studio (Bay A) is lit by an LED system, which is fully dimmable and programmable
  • South Studio (Bay B) is lit by an independent lighting system from the Studio Space
  • Black-out curtain that can be open/closed to separate Bay A from Bay B

Climate control

  • The Studio is equipped with a state-of-the-art climate control system designed to ensure year-round comfort, while providing maximum efficiency and functionality

Secure access

  • Private personnel entry to Studio Space
  • Studio Space is completely secure with full access control
  • 24-Hour security on-site

Parking and loading docks

  • Dedicated parking located next to the Studio for cars, tour buses and semis/show trailers
  • Shore power available for tour
Download Floorplans

Setup Examples

  • ESPN 300: Rise of An Empire

    Making it rain for ESPN CreativeWorks and a movie trailer production using the Phantom camera’s ultra slow-mo and Alabama footballer, C.J. Mosley.

  • Two Spectacular Productions at the Same Time

    The 145th Edition and the Gold Edition of Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey® were developed and rehearsed alongside one another during 2014 Winter Quarters.

  • The Stage is Set

    Disney Live! Presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt brings intimate theatrical performances to life on stage at Feld Entertainment Studios

  • Technology Above and Beyond

    The Marvel Universe LIVE! rig and technology pushed the limits on scale and capability. The result is a mind-blowing audience experience.

  • Let it Snow!

    Every facet (and snowflake) for the highly anticipated Disney On Ice presents Frozen Presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt production was conceived and built at Feld Entertainment Studios.

  • One, two…one, two.

    Feld Entertainment Studios, with onsite expertise, provided the ideal venue for a sound, light and equipment check ahead of a nationwide tour for a chart-topping, US-based rock group.