Building beautiful costumes and creating memorable characters

For generations, Feld Entertainment® has provided families with visually stimulating enjoyment, especially in the area of costumes. Whether it is a serenading circus ringmaster, a somersaulting trapeze artist, or a princess skating into the arms of her prince, your audience will surely remember the beautifully ornamented costumes and accessories. Our Costume Department has a team of dedicated artisans that bring a great mix of talent from varied areas of theatrical, film, commercial and corporate entertainment including costume design, costume draping, custom pattern making, custom crafts, and costume construction from inception to completion.


  • Costume rental
  • Full-service costume support from concept and design to the final product, based on need
  • Providing staff for the various services requested for your project
  • Sourcing all types of fabrics and materials, including one of a kind or difficult to find items
  • Developing and procuring custom printed textiles
  • Designing and fabricating millinery pieces
  • Designing and constructing custom craft items