Feld Consumer Products

Helping them take the memories home


  • Concessions
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Training
  • Importing and transportation
  • Online retail
  • More...

Light & Sound

We bring good things to light (and sound).


  • Product and equipment sourcing
  • Turn-key design, engineering and fabrication
  • Music scoring, composition, mixing and synchronization
  • Industry compliance and best practice efficiency
  • Onsite and in-venue management
  • More...

Scenic Design

Bringing dreams to life


  • Complete in-house design
  • Scenic element construction
  • Tech support
  • Custom processes and techniques
  • Fabrication
  • Sculpture
  • Graphics
  • Custom soft good construction
  • Custom drivable construction
  • Electrical shop
  • More...

Routing & Tours

A business built on strong relationships


  • Connecting longstanding relationships with venues around the globe
  • Negotiating venue contracts
  • Negotiate venue merchandising
  • Engagement staffing
  • Providing stagehands to support the traveling crew
  • Ticketing/box office expertise and guidance
  • More...


Building beautiful costumes and creating memorable characters


  • Costume rental
  • Full-service costume support
  • Providing staff
  • Sourcing all types of fabrics and materials
  • Developing and procuring custom printed textiles
  • Designing and fabricating millinery pieces
  • Designing and constructing custom craft items
  • More...


Going the distance


  • Transportation Planning
  • Financial Analysis
  • Customs Clearance for Equipment and Merchandise
  • Project Management
  • Consumer Merchandise Fulfillment
  • More...

Event Marketing & Sales

Filling seats with the promise of excitement


  • Self-promotion of 100% of the events
  • Local market business plans
  • Local relationships with media and promotional partners
  • Management of 50+ local public relations firms and 11 media buying agencies
  • Media buying, sponsorship sales, and promotional relationships
  • More...