Feld Entertainment Studios

a world-class facility to prepare for the world stage

Feld Entertainment Studios aerial photo

Feld Entertainment® is the global leader in live family entertainment with as many as 5,000 performances on six continents in more than 70 countries. And Feld Entertainment Studios is our global headquarters and the second-largest building in Florida — second only to NASA’s Cape Canaveral facility.

Feld Entertainment Studios is home base for every show we produce and, more and more, the staging venue for independent productions including music, theater, movies and commercial television productions looking for a world-class facility to prepare for the world stage.

In May 2012, Feld Entertainment purchased a 25-year-old, 580,000 square foot manufacturing building in Ellenton, Florida. In one year, the facility was transformed from a heavy manufacturing facility into the world’s only facility with the ability to design, develop, produce, rehearse and launch any world-class live entertainment production.

The initial build-out of the global headquarters created 100,000 square feet of class “A” office space, 350,000 square feet of prop and costume manufacturing space, and approximately 115,000 square feet of rehearsal and staging space.

Today Feld Entertainment Studios is the largest, fully integrated and most innovative facility of its kind in the world. Future plans include an animal enclosure, state-of-the art music recording studio and space for additional integrated services.